How to Change the Firmware Using Local Upgrade Via SSH

Applicable for: UniFi AP / UniFi Switch

Devices with Internet Access

If the UAP/USW has Internet connectivity, it’s easiest to let it download the update file (direct URL), then install it. SSH to the device, then run the following command replacing the URL with Direct URL found in the Downloads page. You’ll be able to copy this link once you locate the firmware file, click Download and read and accept the terms. Please verify you are using the firmware .bin file specific to your device (UAP, USW, etc) and not the UniFi Network Controller software.


It will download the specified file, upgrade it, and reboot into the new version.

Devices without Internet Access

1. Download the firmware .bin file from our Downloads page. Please verify you are downloading the firmware .bin file specific to your device (UAP, USW, etc) and not the UniFi Network Controller software.

2. Using a terminal such as the Terminal application in macOS/Linux or PuTTY on Windows, issue the command below to transfer the .bin file to the device, and to place it in the UniFi device filesystem. Remember to make the appropriate substitutions before running the command:

scp /foldername/firmwarefile.bin user@IP-of-UAP-or-Switch:/tmp/fwupdate.bin

See below an example of this command for a UAP-FlexHD with the firmware version 4.0.80 file downloaded and saved on a Macbook Pro's desktop, where the UAP's IP address is

scp /Users/alexpro/Desktop/BZ.mt7621.v4.0.80.10875.200111.1635.bin Alex@ 

3. You will now be prompted to enter the password that you use for SSH access. If you are unsure of the SSH authentication user or password of your devices, take a look at this article. 
As you type, no characters will appear on screen for security purposes. Carefully enter the correct password, and press Enter.
4. Then connect to the device via SSH and issue the following command to initiate a local upgrade. upgrade2 &

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